We only process high-quality input raw materials, which we transform into valuable products with high added value for customers. All production processes are supported and regularly inspected by certified ISO procedures, as well as all legal standards in the field of occupational safety, ecology, waste treatment and disposal.

Our products
Laboratory glassware

Laboratory glassware

Laboratory glassware represents our mainstream production. You will find characteristic products including beakers, funnels, pipettes and burettes, as well as specific semi-finished products such as cut or polished stopcocks, glass keys, industrial apparatus or condensers in our catalogue.

  • Burettes and automatic burettes
  • Graduated and volumetric pipettes
  • Beakers, funnels, graduated glass, test tubes, rods
  • Water stills, condensers, viscometers, dispensers
  • Semiproducts: burette tubes, stopcocks, valves

Technical glassware

Long-term specialisation and experience with the production of technical glassware allows us to offer various types of technologies for processing glass tubes, rods and capillaries. We will design the optimal final product or semi-finished product for your further processing.

  • Special glass tubes and glass parts for e.g.:
    • Chemical and food industries
    • Automotive and textile industries
    • Solar energy
  • Parts for aquariums
  • Heat cost allocators
  • Tubes for flow meters and rotameters
  • Glass packing material, test tubes, vials etc.
Technical glassware
Products for health care

Products for health care

Here, too, the combination of thermal and chemical product stability is valued for the resulting guarantee of 100% health safety. The products are used in hospitals, dispensaries and laboratories. Some of them are for private home use.

  • Breast pumps
  • Glass syringes
  • Droppers
  • Sedimentation pipettes
  • Flasks for white and red blood cells
  • Nasal showers
  • Massage bottles


Chandelier arms and components

We produce 15, 17, 22 and 30 mm diameter chandelier arms from borosilicate glass tubes, which serve as a semi-finished product for the production of crystal chandeliers. Upon agreement with the customer, it is possible to create modifications of chandelier arm cross-sections and bending angles.

  • Profiled chandelier arms
  • Smooth chandelier arms
  • Trimmings
  • Connecting rings
  • Decorative rods


Chandelier arms and components
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