Laboratory Glass

Declaration of conformity

TECHNOSKLO s.r.o. supplies pipettes and burettes checked out for conformity with requirements of applicable standards ISO and DIN. The term "conformity" is used for this type verification. Two types of conformity are provided: batch conformity and individual conformity. They differ by numerical marking on the products and by the way in which the conformity is verified.

Batch conformity (for a specific supply)
Batcher control is used for all products for the purposes of this type of conformity. The adjustment of dosing of given control volume is verified by the weight method. Statistical selections of the products that satisfy the control by batcher are moreover controlled by weight method. Number of products selected for the weight control is determined by the following method: the weight test is done for all products in case of inspection lots with up to 50 pieces; in case of inspection lots with more than 50 pieces the products for testing are selected in accordance with the standard CSN ISO 2859-1 for control level II and standard control. Number of imperfect pieces in the selection is specified and then the criteria whether the controlled set will be accepted Ac = 0 and value for the number of faulty pieces in the set or whether the controlled set will be rejected Re = 1 are defined. Allowable quality limit for the values Ac and Re should not be higher than 1 %. The result of the control is characteristic parameter for determination of expected value of product volume and selective standard deviation that defines uncertainty of volume determination of one product from the given order.
"Declaration of conformity" certificate is issued for the verified order. The Declaration contains basic parameters, identification data, nominal volume, standard deviation of the determination for the product volume, type of measuring device and its metrological parameters and marking that will be used for the verified products. The product marking for batch conformity has the following format:

Individual conformity (for every product)
All products that are marked as products with the individual conformity are controlled by the weight method on analytical balance. The results of the measurement are used for the determination of the measured value of volume and for the determination of its standard uncertainty of the measurement. The certificate is issued for each product and it contains basic parameters, identification data and marking number for the product. Format of the marking number is as follows:

XXXX - consecutive number of each type of volumetric glass (from the beginning of individual conformity determination in the company TECHNOSKLO s.r.o.).


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