Technical glass

Chemical industry

Delivery to chemical industry represents one of the key milestone of our production. You can find all laboratory equipment, including laboratory glassware and instruments in part Laboratory Glass.

Technical glass presents further part of cooperation with chemical plants and engineering. The main material used for this production is borosilicate glass, with excellent chemical and physical properties.

Flexible customizing (customer’s modifications) and resistance of technical glass-material bring competitive advantage to our clients, if compared with metal,ceramic or plastic parts. It brings the advantage in all the cases, when high chemical stability,mechanical resistance during temperature changes and transparency of the material are required. As example of suitable use the galvanic plants can be considered, as there is essential elimination of corrosive reactions.


  Water still  Condenser
   Automatic burette    Filter-plate-VZ
Certificate holder ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015