Technical glass

OEM Services

Technosklo Ltd. has combined many years of experience providing the best in the area of the art glass and precision engineering products. Our growth has been highlighted by our focus to innovation resulting to ability to delivery products with precise specifications and at a competitive price. Combining excellence and precision in glass engineered products provides the cornerstone of our entire operation. From our initial engineering consultation, on to the production floor and through quality control testing you will find professionalism and total commitment to your needs.

Thanks to that we are able to offer you services and technologies connected with glass processing as:

Vacuum forming, glassblowing, drilling, centreless grinding, cutting, polishing, graduation, precise measuring with final certifiates

Outsourced services or production of semi-products/products can significantly reduce your cost and improve your “time to market” and final competition on the market.

Why is that possible?

Technosklo Ltd. has can save your time and investments to wide-range of branches like:

  • Development
  • Investment and support of production machina
  • People training
  • Purchasing

You will find credible partner, with those proved departments. Believe us, that tuning of such a demanding services or products is for years. Now we are ready to start this offer for our customers with full responsibility in terms of quality, price and final time saving at custumers site.

Our sales department is ready to talk with you about your requests.

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